MyShopKit Multi Currency Converter

Multi Currency Converter can help:

Facilitate global business expansion

The first and foremost step towards expanding your business globally is making it user-friendly for global customers. Customers from different corners of the world want to see the displayed price in their domestic currency. This helps save them from the hassle of converting currency mentally, especially those who don’t have a head for figures. Thus, customers will feel more comfortable browsing your products and more likely to make a purchase.

Build authority among global customers

Showing their domestic currency with the country flag is a respectful welcome to international customers. They will have the impression that your business puts a high priority on customer experience. Once they feel respected, they have more trust in the products & services you provide

What Multi Currency Converter can do:

1. Auto-select currency conversion based on customer geographic location.
2. Be compatible with any WordPress Theme
3. Be well suited with any third-party plugin

Try Multi Currency Converter Lite version for Free: myshopkit-multi-currency-converter-wp


Wiloke Notification Bar

Wiloke Notification Bar is a plugin for you to create notifications that display on top of your page. You can make a general notification or use the plugin to promote new products.

Wiloke Notification Bar includes many customs for your notifications like thumbnail image, background image/color, customed links, or setting up a discount countdown.


#1 General Settings:

Here you can set the interval time between notifications, upload logo, style the background, etc.

For example, if you type 2000 at Autoplay Speed (MS), the displaying time for notification will be 2 seconds and then it will be replaced by the next one.

#2 Slide Item Settings:

Each one of your notifications can have a respective setting here. You can add as many items as you want.

NOTE: In each item setting, if you enable Inherit General Settings, the notification will use settings from the tab General Settings. Therefore, turn it off if you want to set particular settings for it.

#3 Advanced Settings

You can code some CSS here to add more styles for the notification bar. Only use this feature if you really know about your code. Or you can just use available settings from this plugin – they are enough to set up a pretty look for your notifications.


About Us

Who We are?

Wiloke is a technology company that has highly experienced with WordPress and Shopify since 2014.

Proudly serving more than 10,000 clients and customers from all over the world, some of our products eliciting/getting up to thousands of reviews for great quality, useful tools, and friendly interface are,, and  

We’re special! All of our WordPress products are always accompanied by another suitable app from us. Therefore, you can run your business all in one here!

We are unstoppable! Our desire is to keep improving and creating more products that are up-to-date and necessary for everyone running a business with Shopify and WordPress

Mission and Vision

We mainly focuses on making products for WordPress and Shopify that are both easy-to-use and fully functional.

Our work is relentless! Basing on technology with innovative ideas, we make complicated things become easier and bring in satisfying experience for all of our customers.


Wiloke Youtube Playlist

Wiloke Youtube Playlist is a WordPress plugin that allows you can embed a list of Youtube videos or a Youtube playlist to pre-made modern player styles.

You can check the demo at

How can I install this plugin and use plugin features?

To add a list of Youtube videos to the player, please watch the following video

If you have any question, feel free to open a ticket on